Thank You Mark Cubin

Cyber Dust – Disappearing Text Messages, Photos, and Multimedia


Cyber Dust is currently in BETA. We are releasing a brand new version of Cyber Dust shortly which will include a whole new look, video, friend request improvements, and much more! Stay tuned for the official release of Cyber Dust. Please Note that you need a good internet connection for Cyber Dust to work properly.

Cyber Dust is the first self destructing messaging app that allows you to say whatever you want without worry. Never leave a Trace!

A new type of communication is upon us. Leaving a track record of everything you’ve ever said is frightening. Permanent messages and photos can ruin relationships, reputations & careers. Not everything you share should last forever. Cyber Dust allows you to escape the age of permanent digital conversations.

Feel comfortable chatting in the moment, sending private photos, gossiping, or telling secrets while you watch your messages self destruct just seconds after being sent …never to be seen again.

– Have fun and private conversations without worry
– Share Photos, Stickers & Emojis
– Screenshot Detection
– Share in the moment conversations with friends
– Never pay for an sms text message again
– Instantly connect with friends and other users
Messages are ALWAYS permanently deleted forever and never stored anywhere upon disappearing. Once it’s gone it’s gone Forever!