What Does The Internet Say About You?

14 January 2014

Googles Best Kept Secret

Google AlertsGoogles Best Kept Secret – Monitor the Internet

Ok so it may not be Google that is keeping the secret, it most likely is an under utilized tool that may not get the acknowledgement it deserves. What I am talking about is Google Alerts.
Google Alerts is an amazing tool that monitors the entire internet (within Google’s database) for content that contains any keywords you set it to monitor. So if you want to monitor the keywords “Internet Marketing”, any news, websites, blogs or internet activity that includes the words “Internet Marketing” will be logged into a report and emailed to you.  How amazing and powerful is that?

Applications for Google Alerts

As an SEO provider and Internet Marketing professional, knowing what is trending at the time its trending is essential.  With Google Alerts it allows us to monitor primary keywords and topics that other websites and blogs are writing and talking about.  This allows our strategy team to take action on behalf of our clients.

Praise a Positive Customer Review

Monitor keywords within your own company and website and you may see a customer giving you a positive review for a product or service of yours. Then you can exemplify your customer service skills by responding immediately. So a customer writes a review or leaves a good comment on website XYZ and you having no knowledge of that website will be notified – how impressive would that be?

Disseminate a Negative Comment About Yourself

This can work for any negative comments as well.  So if you are monitoring keywords or your own company name and someone across the web leaves a negative comment, you now would have knowledge of it and can respond accordingly.

Keep Tabs On Your Competition

Who doesn’t like to keep a watchful eye on their top competitors?  No matter how successful you are or are not – maintaining a competitive strategy is always key to that success.

Participate in an Active Blog

Participating in an active blog that is relevant to your product or service positions you as an expert in that field. Responding and offering your advice on a related topic is also great advertising and can be part of a backlink campaign. This is a great digital strategy that often is under utilized in itself.

Let’s See How Google Alerts Works

1. First you must have a gmail account.
2. Navigate to http://www.google.com/alerts
3. Upon login and arrival you should get to a screen that looks like this
When the dashboard opens you will have step by step options to run through.
1. Select the search query (or the keyword phrase that you want to track and monitor)
2. Result type – this is the main sectors that you want to monitor (default is everything)
3. How often – this is the frequency of the alerts. You can receive them instantly as they come in, daily or weekly
4. How many results – you can select all the results or the top results
5. Lastly – the delivered location. Here you just add the email address you want the report sent to.
For more than one keyword, just go ahead and repeat steps 1-5 and add another alert.

Modify an Existing Google Alert

Changing or modifying an existing alert is just as easy.  Click on the manage alert buttons and you will see a list of all your alerts.  Modify as needed
Additional Questions on Google Alerts Visit:
Google Support